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Applus+ Automotive shares experience and knowledge in vehicle inspection at ISIC 2016

Applus+ Automotive participated in the 2nd International Symposium on Vehicle Inspection & Certification (ISIC). The event was organised by the International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT, of which it is member) and the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways of India.
After the success of the first such symposium, more than 200 professionals from the automotive industry came together at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi to share their experiences and knowledge of trends and innovations in vehicle inspection and maintenance.
Aitor Retes (Executive Vice-President) and Hans-Jürgen Schimpgen (International Business Development) represented Applus+ Automotive, presenting and moderating various sessions during the event.
The presentations were delivered by experts from around the world and addressed such issues as the importance and benefits of inspection and certification (I&C) centres in India, the challenges in successfully implementing such inspections throughout the country and the new technologies applied to inspections globally, as well as the role and responsibilities of Government and private entities in inspection and certification.
The symposium highlighted the need for, and importance of, vehicle inspection in India, where there is a growing number of such centres in different states.
Speakers concluded - amongst other things - that inspection and certification units will help to save both fuel and money, as they ensure optimum functioning of a vehicle’s mechanical systems, thereby improving fuel efficiency and reducing long-term maintenance costs. Other benefits highlighted were a reduction in harmful emissions, an increase in vehicle reliability and reduced risk of breakdown, all of which serve to increase the vehicle’s resale value.
The Indian Ministry of Road Transport & Highways presented a pilot project to install an Automated Inspection and Certification Centre during the first phase of its current five-year plan. This is the eleventh such plan and covers vehicle use in 10 states. The centre will carry out inspections of motor vehicles, including a review of the state of the vehicle, its safety and emissions level.
The Ministry is also considering a further 20 automated centres in other states during the second phase of its five-year plan. Several states have expressed an interest in installing these types of centres through public-private partnership.

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