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Applus+ Ireland sole operator of vehicle registration tax system

All unregistered vehicles brought into the State of Ireland must undergo a Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) inspection. During this inspection Applus+ Ireland examines all unregistered vehicles to ensure the correct VRT is applied and that they comply with the legal requirements set down by the Revenue Commissioners.

A person wishing to register a vehicle now has to make an appointment with an Applus+ office through a dedicated phone number or on line at www.ncts.ie/vrt . The appointment must be made within 7 days of the vehicle entering the State.  Applus+ will locate an appointment slot and the customer must present the vehicle along with a number of documents at the appointed time. Where examination of the vehicle and the documents shows that the vehicle satisfies the conditions for registration, the vehicle details will be forwarded to Revenue and a VRT charge will be returned to the Applus+ centre. On the customer's full payment of this charge, Revenue will forward Applus+ the resgistration number to pass on to the customer.

Advantages to the customer:

  The ability to book the pre-registration examination in advance for a time and date that suits, with a choice of booking channels provided by Applus+: phone-line, e-mail, an on-line booking system and ordinary mail.

 Reduced queuing times.

 Custom-built facilities providing ample parking and examination space at the Applus+  test centre.

• Customised waiting facilities in the test centre.


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