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Applus+ vehicle emission program in Latin America (LATAM)

Applus+ presence in the area of emissions inspection is quite extensive in Latin America. In both Chile and Argentina, Applus+ are one of the main operators of the Statutory Vehicle Inspection program which incorporates a vehicle emissions inspection. In Ecuador, Applus+ are the main provider of vehicle emissions equipment to the three main providers of the vehicle inspection program in Equator.

In Chile, Applus+ successfully transitioned the previously centralized inspection and maintenance (I/M) program into a dynamic stationary emissions inspection (TSI) program for catalytic vehicles in the Metropolitan Region of Chile. With the assistance of Applus+ Autologic, they developed a robust technological solution to integrate with the emissions equipment to develop a state of the art emission inspection.

Applus have been operating this emissions program since 2008 and is operated in accordance with the Acceleration Simulation Mode Test Procedures, Emission Standards, Quality Control Requirements, and Equipment Specifications (EPA-AA-RSPD-IM-96-2)

Applus+ provides vehicle emissions inspections to approximately two million vehicles annually throughout Latin America.

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