Applus+ Automotive in Ecuador

    Applus+ provides equipment for the main vehicle inspection operators in Ecuador enabling them to carry out over 650,000 inspection on a range of different vehicle types annually.

    Statutory Vehicle inspections in Ecuador are carried out 3 different operators in the cities of Quito and Cuenca. Applus is one of the main technical equipment providers for these operators who between them have a total of 8 inspections centres amounting to a total of 29 test lanes.

    Conducting over 650,000 inspections annually, Applus provides equipment to enable these operators to inspect a number of vehicle types ranging from heavy goods vehicles, light passenger vehicles and motorcycles throughout Quito and Cuenca.

    During the statutory vehicle inspection in Ecuador a series of safety checks are conducted on each vehicle ranging from brakes, suspension, headlight aim and exhaust emissions.

    The system in Ecuador is based on a centralized operation and operates since 2002 in Quito since 2006 in Cuenca.