Commonwealth of Massachusetts Vehicle Emissions and Safety Inspection Program

    In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (USA), Applus+ Automotive implemented and now manages and maintains a new vehicle inspection and maintenance program

    The program supports both motor vehicle emissions and safety testing. The inspection network consists of 1,907 decentralized inspection stations, 7,000 certified inspectors and 10 Motorist Assistance Centers (MACs). The MACs provide motorists, inspectors and repair shops with comprehensive repair-related services, program information, waivers, exemptions and On-Board Diagnostics readiness assistance.

    The turnkey system includes a vehicle information database, lane integration control software, video monitoring, a web-enabled dashboard, real-time data exchange and reporting. Applus+ Automotive administers inspector training, certification testing, and online recertification exams. The division also conducts covert and overt station audits.