Duran project in Ecuador and Uruguay RTO project

    The Division is carrying out two challenging projects in the vehicle inspection sector in Ecuador and Uruguay, both countries in which Applus+ Automotive has recently gained a presence.
    The arrival of Applus+ Automotive in Ecuador and Uruguay has consolidated the Group’s expansion in Latin America and strengthened its position worldwide. Here, the Division is involved in two new projects: the construction and operation of a vehicle inspection centre in Durán, Ecuador, and a statutory vehicle inspection project in Uruguay.

    Vehicle inspection centre in Durán, Ecuador

    Durán is located in the Ecuadorian province of Guayas and the client is the local Mobility and Transport Enterprise (EMoT) in the canton of Durán.

    As a result of this contract award, Applus+ will build and operate a state-of-the-art centre, equipped with three inspection lines: one line suitable for any type of vehicle, one line for lightweight vehicles and one motorcycle line.

    Uruguay RTO

    The Uruguay RTO (statutory vehicle inspection) project includes the construction of two auto inspection centers in the cities of Canelones (33 km from Montevideo) and Soriano (275 km from Montevideo).

    Between the two centres, the Division will boast a total of five inspection lines. In addition, Applus+ will operate two mobile plants, which will serve smaller cities with a lower density of heavy-goods vehicles.

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