Applus+ operate a number of vehicle-inspection programmes under a range of network operating models depending on the country and jurisdiction they operate in. The appropriate model must fit with the country's political, cultural, and demographic model.

In general, there are three types of operational models: centralised, decentralised and hybrid and Applus+ can provide solutions for all models. An effective periodic vehicle-inspection programme commences with a strategic government mandate providing information on who will administer the programme and which administrative resources are necessary to perform all of the programme functions, such as the management of service providers, media communication, corporate and social responsibility and quality assurance. Applus+, given its in-depth knowledge and understanding of each model, can provide guidance to governments on each programme they wish to operate and can implement a successful vehicle-inspection programme regardless of the operating model. Using its detailed local market knowledge and global experience, Applus+ manages various vehicle-inspection programmes under the following models: 

Model 1: Centralised: This service is generally provided by a sole provider who manages all aspects of the service and control all system management centrally. The inspection centres are inspection only facilities and must be totally independent of any vehicle-repair activity. Applus+ operates this model very successfully in Ireland. In 2017, Applus+ started to operate in Costa Rica under this model. 

Model 2: Decentralised: A decentralised or independent network is made up of a number of independent providers who are individually licensed by the government to deliver a vehicle-inspection service. Minimum requirements for equipment, facilities and IT infrastructure are specified. Training and licensing of the vehicle testers is carried out by independent operators. Applus+ operates vehicle inspection programmes under this model in DenmarkSpainFinland and the USA.

Model 3: Hybrid or franchised: One or more operators are authorised by government to operate a controlled vehicle-testing network within a specific state or province. Operators need international experience in the operation of a vehicle-testing network and operate a number of franchises within a defined territory. The operator must provide the franchisee with IT operating systems and testing equipment and is responsible for maintaining standards within their franchise network. Our Illinois emission programme operates under this model

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