Applus Bilsyn Denmark

    Applus+ Denmark conduct statutory vehicle inspections on behalf of the Danish Road Safety Organization


    Applus+ Bilsyn Denmark is accredited in Denmark to provide Periodic Technical Inspections (PTI) or Statutory Vehicle Inspections on behalf of the Danish Road Safety Organisation. Applus+ currently holds over 40% of the statutory vehicle-inspection market in Denmark, where they inspect both heavy-goods and light vehicles. Motorcycles are also inspected; however this inspection only occurs when a change of ownership occurs. All vehicles four years and older are eligible for the PTI with an inspection conducted every two years thereafter.

    Applus+ developed an integrated technical solution which was user friendly and effectively met the requirements of the Danish Road Safety Organisation, therefore ensuring the inspection centres provided an efficient and accurate vehicle inspection programme.

    Applus+ conducts an average of 550,000 vehicle inspections per year across its network of 120 testingg centres (comprising a total of 300 testing lanes).

    Statistics including data on vehicle-inspection types, models, reasons for failure, test -execution times, pass/fail rates and compliance levels (to name but a few) can also be made available at any time to the Danish Road Safety Organisation.

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