Applus+ ITEUVE in Spain

    In Spain, ITEUVE, a subsidiary of the Applus+ Group, operates a number of inspection centres throughout the country, inspecting all vehicle types from heavy goods vehicles to light passenger vehicles, buses, mopeds and motorcycles.

    As one of the main providers of the Statutory Vehicle Inspection in Spain ITEUVE operates 50 vehicle inspection (ITV) centres and 12 mobile centres consisting of 111 test lanes spread across the different autonomous regions in Spain. With stations present in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, Valencia, Aragon, Basque Country, Castilla la Mancha, Madrid and the Canary Islands.

    During the inspection, a series of safety checks are conducted on each vehicle covering brakes, suspension, headlight aim and exhaust emissions. Applus+ have developed a robust technological solution to make the process of booking an inspection as simple as possible. This IT solution is customized to the needs of its users and capable of dealing with the million of inspections Applus+ conduct on an annual basis. This IT solution covers every aspect of the inspection process from bookings to inspection to the booking report:

     Applus+ Internet Booking System (AIBS): Booking System via Internet, allowing dynamic management of slots depending on the different types of vehicles and inspection types. An interface is also in use for smartphones which the customer receiving confirmation/reminders of their appointment via SMS

     Inspection Center Information System (SIE): this application manages the complete end to end process at the inspection centers dealing with data transfer from the booking application, vehicle details, full inspection history, owners details and data management, vehicle inspection and report details.

     Reporting Information System (SIR): Set of applications used to consolidate data (from different sites, regions, companies) and to create various reports both for internal and external use which may be required by different regulatory administrative bodies.

    The system used by Applus+ ITEUVE is a versatile integrated solution to support the bookings, vehicle check in, cash management and data collection of each vehicle.

    Due to the vast area that Applus+ ITEUVE covers in Spain, they operate under a number of different operational markets depending on the regulatory system in that region. ITEUVE have the ability to operate within the following markets:

     Concession Market: Where a contract is awarded to a vehicle inspection provider for a specified time frame.

     Authorization Market: The government allows any company that complies with the set of regulations laid down within the region to open a vehicle inspection centre.

      Liberalisation Market: In this situation the government will allow any inspection company to conduct vehicle inspections once they comply with the relevant standards and legislation laid down by the Government.


    Applus ITEUVE offer a wide range of services across their inspection centres, consisting of:

     Periodical Inspections: Mandatory periodical vehicle inspections

     Non-periodical inspections: Mandatory inspection for a specific reason, safety, voluntary or accident car inspections

     Alteration/Modification Inspections: Mandatory inspections after modifications are made to the vehicle or to the vehicles registration documents

     Special Inspections: Complementary inspections to the periodic inspections, ADR (Vehicles used for the transportation of dangerous goods), ATP (Vehicles used for the transportation of perishable goods) and taximeters

     Sonometry: Noise control inspection

    ITEUVE inspect over 3,700,000 vehicles on an annual basis of which 60,000 are agriculture vehicles, 900,480 are heavy goods vehicles and the remainder comprises of light passenger vehicles and motorcycles.

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