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Energy & Industry Division
Industrial and environmental inspection, vendor inspection, technical assistance, non-destructive testing (NDT) and technical staffing for all type of industries.
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Laboratories Division
Multidisciplinary laboratories.Testing and engineering for product development. Conformity testing and product certification. SYSTEMS CERTIFICATION.
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Automotive Division
Statutory vehicle inspection services and emission & gas testing solutions worldwide.
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IDIADA Division
Design, engineering, testing and homologation services for the automotive industry worldwide.
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Vehicle Emission Inspections

Applus+ programs help governments, policy makers and regulators more effectively address today’s environmental and safety concerns in the face of today’s financial constraints. Internationally, Applus+ provides emissions testing equipment and services for the automotive industry.

Applus+ has pioneered the integration of engineering, technologies and IT to create industry-best solutions for developing, implementing and managing vehicle emissions inspection programs. Applus works with government at all levels—city, county, state, national and international and create customized solutions in order to achieve cleaner air and safer roads while providing a quality service at lower financial costs.

Applus+ manages comprehensive vehicle inspection and maintenance programs that collectively represent more than 2,800 testing facilities, more than seven million vehicle tests per year and more than 20,000 Applus trained and certified inspectors.

Our comprehensive service offerings to the vehicle inspection include:

  • Network Design and ManagementCustomized modular hardware and software
  • Quality Assurance and Control
  • Inspector Training and Certification
  • Training for Managers, Service Reps, and the Repair Community
  • Public Information and Industry Outreach
  • Station and Program Staffing
  • Equipment Testing and Rollout
  • Motorist Services
  • Shop Management Software

Applus+ also manufactures diagnostic equipment for a variety of vehicle emission testing applications, including:

Applus+ Gas Analyzers

  • Auto GasTM : 4 and 5 gas emission analyzer with Windows compatible Software.
  • Pocket GasTM: 4 and 5 gas emission analyzer with handheld display, Windows Mobile compatible Software. 
Applus Smoke Meters
  • Auto Smoke Meters: SAE J1667 diesel opacity meter with Windows compatible Software and MOT diesel opacity meter with Windows compatible Software
  • Pocket SmokeTM Meters: SAE J1667 diesel opacity meter with handheld display, Windows Mobile compatible Software and MOT diesel opacity meter with handheld display, Windows Mobile compatible Software

 Applus+ On Board Diagnostics

  • SAE J1978 compliant OBD software for emission related codes, Windows compatible software
  • Pocket OBDTM offers SAE J1978 compliant OBD software for emission related codes, handheld display, Windows Mobile software

Applus+ has consistently met stringent procurement and contract requirements for more than a decade. We understand the complexities of regulatory compliance.  Applus+ supports our clients’ compliance reporting requirements with robust data management and reporting functionalities that are integrated seamlessly in our comprehensive solutions. Equally important, Applus+ understands the need to deliver cost-effective solutions that minimize government spending while maximizing productivity. The number and duration of government contracts awarded to Applus+ evidence our success.  

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