Applus+ and state of Illinois’ vehicle emissions testing programme

    Applus+ is the primary contractor responsible for the management and operation of the state of Illinois’ vehicle-emissions testing programme.

    Applus+ is the primary contractor responsible for the management and operation of the state of Illinois’ vehicle emissions testing program. Applus+ expertise in designing and managing both centralized and decentralized test networks made a compelling case for a hybrid network solution for Illinois. Applus+ are one of the only two companies in the United States I/M industry to operate a hybrid program. Some of the salient features of the Illinois program include the development and management of the industry’s first ever Enhanced Vehicle Inspection Databases (or e-VID™) as well our flagship product - the I/M Dashboard. Together these two solutions are responsible for processing over 1.9 million vehicle emissions test records annually and generating real-time motorist compliance records for the Illinois Secretary of State.

    Additionally, Applus+ equips 17 centralized and 38 Decentralized stations with OBD II test technology as well as its own custom state of the art BAR97 testing equipment. Designed on the latest development platform, Applus+ test equipment integrates with automated license plate number recognition systems; integrated biometrics as well as tail pipe testers.

    For Illinois, Applus+ has created a unique integrated solution, one that supports a network of inspectors, repair technicians, external agencies (IEPA, ILSOS) and Applus+ management staff; and provides capabilities for complete management oversight.

    Applus+ also has created a complete training curriculum for the Illinois I/M program. The Applus+ qualified training department trains Inspectors and Customer Service Representatives (CSRs), decentralized Inspectors, and state of Illinois management and oversight personnel.

    In addition, Applus+ Service Technicians provide equipment repairs and service to all centralized and decentralized locations.

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