Applus+ exports vehicle inspection services to Georgia


    Applus+ is set to support Greenway with a TSA (Technical Service Agreement) related to a technical vehicle inspection system. This new business model was established last year in Georgia, with the aim of reducing road accidents and decreasing the environmental impact.

    Applus+ is primarily tasked with improving the visibility of this sustainability project, as well as helping Greenway to overcome any difficulties that may arise in its initiation, implementation, development, and execution.

    The initiative is supported by several Applus+ departments: International Business Development, Legal Affairs, Financial, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications, IT, Quality and Operations, and Technical.

    The project is divided into four stages. The first is the preparatory stage, in which the construction of the infrastructure starts. The second stage, a mentoring program, takes place during the first year of operations. The third stage will see the project evolve over a period of two to three years, while the fourth and final stage, the consolidation phase, will aim to maximize performance beyond the standards.

    Applus+ continues to demonstrate that bringing the highest inspection standards to developing countries is a profitable measure for society, citizens, governments and the economy.

    For more information, please contact María de Sancha Tel.:+34691250977