Virtual 3D learning takes centre stage at Applus+ Automotive


    Within the company’s digitization process and in its ongoing dedication to the use of new technologies, Applus+ Automotive and the company REM EXPERIENCE have developed a 3D inspection system.

    By adopting new technologies, we are able to evolve our services and, in turn, respond to the needs and challenges of both our clients and our employees.

    The 3D tool simulates the inspection of any type of vehicle without it having to be physically present, gaining in flexibility, agility, and saving costs.  The application has two modes of use:

    • Training. Guided simulation of the orderly inspection of a vehicle, all accompanied by a description of the contextualized inspection method depending on the location of the inspector and the dimensional requirements.
    • Assessment. A vehicle with random faults and obligatory tasks is shown so that students can perform a simulated inspection using the same tools available in reality. Once the test is complete, the system assesses the exercise.

    This has many different benefits and is a perfect addition to traditional training involving reading or viewing a video. Its main advantages include:

    • Self-learning and assessment of the student. Students can continue to improve through self-learning, turning the application in a personal challenge for continuous improvement, as the longer they spend on it the more they learn. 
    • The application is perfect for initial training and to revise concepts that might have been forgotten.
    • The program development is a success of the company's digitisation, as it has allowed for teams to be built with personnel from different departments, in different regions or locations, providing their points of view and supplementing each other to create an extremely useful tool.
    • Simulation of endless cases of faults, vehicles and environments.
    • Viewing of types of vehicles is not common in a vehicle inspection station.
    • Use of computer tools, gaining skills and practice in classifying faults.
    • The tool allows for obligatory activities to be set, educating the student and, therefore, ensuring greater success in the learning process.
    • Random faults and scoring, giving the application a video-game feel and improving attention and, therefore, increased learning.

    Training is currently being provided on the full inspection of a closed truck and tractor, as can be seen in the images. This enables us to begin and head a learning process previously unknown in vehicle inspection testing, showing our leadership and enthusiasm to progress.

    This type of 3D tool provides a great deal of potential, as there is no limit to simulations and it is possible to focus on any type of vehicle.

    The application is integrated into and given as part of the local Applus+ system through the Applusnet platform, making it accessible to all registered company inspectors.

    For more information, please contact María de Sancha Tel.:+34 691 250 977

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