Applus+ emissions programme in Washington.

    Applus+ serves as the State of Washington’s centralised I/M Programme Manager conducting between 980,000 and 1,200,000 emissions tests annually.

    Applus+ operates 16 centralized inspection facilities that utilize 70 lanes with more than 150 certified Inspectors. Applus+ conducts between 980,000 and 1,200,000 emissions tests annually.

    Applus+ provides and maintains all custom software and inspection equipment to perform the state mandated vehicle emissions test. Also provide Waivers for eligible vehicles and well as transmit real-time compliances to the Department of Licensing (DOL).

    Some of the salient features of this program include: Server based Host Computer System (HCS), integrated biometric fingerprint authentication, OBDII data collection, built-in checks for fraudulent testing; and the industry’s first kiosk based emissions testing solution.

    Applus+ provides training seminars including a custom specialized management course, a State Automotive Emissions Specialist course, lane operations training, and staffing/succession planning.

    Applus recently commenced a new 5 year contract with the State of Washington. A number of new features of this new contract include the introduction of decentralized facilities to the former centralized-only program, creating a fully hybrid program; three mobile test units, capable of performing all tests (OBD, TSI, and SNAP) at select locations for increased customer convenience; security cameras in all lanes; the ability for both test positions to be able to view the testing process; complete OBD testing performed at all 140 lane positions; mystery shopping contractor to evaluate the test procedures and employee customer service; and ready-or-not detection devices that assist motorists with identifying when their vehicle’s readiness monitors are sufficient in number for their vehicle to be tested.

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