Applus+ vehicle emissions testing in the State of Connecticut

    Applus+ is the current management contractor for the state of Connecticut vehicle-emissions testing programme.

     In the State of Connecticut, Applus+ successfully transitioned an existing centralized I/M program into a decentralized private facility network. Applus+ provides vehicle emissions tests to nearly two million motorists biennially in the State of Connecticut.

    Applus+ provides private inspection facilities with customized equipment, as well as quality training and consumables needed to perform inspections. Applus+ conducted seminars to recruit facilities to participate in the enhanced I/M program. In addition, Applus+ provides equipment service and maintenance, conducts Inspector training, and operates a facility call center. Applus+ has trained more than more than 1,200 certified Inspectors for this program.

    The Connecticut program is the first to exclusively utilize advanced emission analysis technology with the use of a NON-Dispersive Ultra-Violet (NDUV) gas bench. Applus+ employed pioneering technology with the implementation of the Iris Scan User Authentication for all inspectors, requiring each inspector to scan their iris as the primary system authentication; our stringent oversight technology includes monitoring all inspections with three-camera in-bay image capture and live video monitoring system. The successful use of this sophisticated technology has prompted some industry experts to call the Connecticut program “the most comprehensive and advanced in the industry.”