Applus+ Denmark, voted as the Car inspection Company of the year, for the fourth consecutive year.


    An Increase in customer satisfaction and new customer service initiatives means that Applus+ has managed to maintain its strong position in Denmark, and has now won the trophy for being the Car Inspection Company of the year, for the fourth year in a row since 2015.

    It is definitely not easy to win the price as “Car Inspection Company of the year” – Especially not for the fourth time in a row.
    Nonetheless, that is exactly what happened, when Applus+ Denmark won the price for the fourth time at the annual Auto Award show which is being held for the entire sector of automotive in Denmark.
    Doing a great job
    The Danish Applus+ Country Manager attributes this award, above all, to the employees who constantly focuses on improving customer service.
    Our employees shows every day, that they go to work to help our customers all the way around their car, literally. They are smiling friendly, extroverted and takes responsibility for the customers and their needs. Our customers on the other hand, experiences, that we accommodate them with interests, energy and respect. That gives happy customers. Our employees does a fantastic job. That is why they deserve to win the ”Car Inspection Company of the year” award”, tells Per V. Rasmussen, Country Manager of Applus+ Denmark.
    Increase in Customer Satisfaction
    The car inspection company, with more than 152 inspection centers across Denmark, has made it possible for their customers to rate the service they receive in the inspection centers. During the last year, over 40.000 customers has participated in this survey and it shows an increase in customer satisfaction
    At the moment we have a customer servicescore on 6,62 on a scale from 1-7. The high customer satisfaction score arises from a variation of perspectives: Our customers can always call our customer hotline, also outside of opening hours. We are using our Applus ServiceControl, which is a new and noncommittal offer, to provide our customers with extra safety control and information on, how to maintain their vehicles. Also, all our inspection centers has a Drive in, that makes it possible for our customers to just drop by, without booking – Tells Country Manager, of Applus+ Denmark Per V. Rasmussen
    Happy Employees gives happy customers.
    At the same time, has the satisfaction also increased among the Applus+ employees, that now counts 255 individuals, which effects the customers positively.
    Our latest pole in customer satisfaction showed an increase with 6,7 percent and are now up to 94,8 percent. It is important, because happy employees gives happy customers.
    The positivity and spirit spreads to our customers. So it is not only a question about setting up operational systems and routines. We are also working with a high degree of focus on creating a good working space for our employees by, among other things, distributing more responsibility towards our teams in the inspections centers. A higher degree of responsibility gives our employees more personal value, expresses the Country Manager, Per V. Rasmussen.
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