Applus+ Bilsyn uses Artificial Inteligence in its inspeccion process


    From now on, business customers at Applus+ Bilsyn can inspect used cars electronically for damage. The tool is an app that "sees" and assesses damage with artificial intelligence. The app sends a report that includes Applus+'s assessment of the damage. 


    The newly started Danish AI company focalX has entered a collaboration with nationwide Applus+ Bilsyn to streamline damage recognition decentralized and 'transparent' via artificial intelligence and focalX's own developed software and app. The goal is to automate and streamline our processes around damage recognition, which is traditionally done manually by a car expert.

    As Motor magazine wrote recently, the technology from focalX makes it possible for everyone, including the leasing customers themselves, to review a returned car with a mobile phone or tablet 'intelligently'. It is done uniformly and standardized and thus transparent for all parties. The app technology provides documentation with the option of also printing out a damage report.


    First for Applus+ customers

    Applus+ Bilsyn will be the first company to integrate the solution from focalX. As a result, Applus+ Bilsyn's business customers now have the opportunity to use the solution decentralized at their own locations.

    Applus+ Bilsyn and focalX have created an integration between their systems, which gives Applus+ customers the opportunity to inspect cars via the app solution and at the same time receive a report from Applus+ Bilsyn that includes Applus+' assessment of the damage, says Helle Söderhamn, commercial manager in B2B at Applus+ Bilsyn.

    - Initially, we want to use the solution for our business customers. The goal is to automate and streamline our processes around damage recognition, which is traditionally done manually by a car expert, and here we see an opportunity to streamline the process considerably. Furthermore, many car dealers will be able to streamline their own processes and minimize the post-processing of complaints if they use our app when selling cars online. The tool will generally be able to increase transparency and reduce the possibility of errors when damage is identified via AI technology and not just with the naked eye, says Helle Söderhamn.


    800.000 images of injuries

    Identification of damage is relevant when the leasing of a vehicle ends, as well as when a rental car is handed over, and then it comes into play when buying and selling a used car and other scenarios where a vehicle changes user or owner.

    focalX's solution is based on machine learning. To ensure correct damage recognition, the software needs data input to identify all types of damage on all types of cars. It was in this context that focalx and Applus+ Bilsyn, Denmark's largest car inspection company and a global player in car inspection, recently chose to start a collaboration.

    With 10 years of experience in reviewing off-leasing cars, Applus+ had both knowledge and more than 800,000 images to offer. At the same time, it is a core value for Applus+ Bilsyn to be close to the consumer, which has resulted in 145 car inspection locations in Denmark. It aligned very well with focalx's vision to enable decentralized inspection using AI-based software.  

    For more information, please contact María de Sancha Tel.:+34 691 250 977

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