Go-kart Cup 2018 strengthens ties with customers

    The Applus+ Automotive Division in Denmark has established a nationwide Go-kart tournament, in cooperation with former racing world champion, Thorkild Thyrring.
    This is the first B2B initiative of its kind in Denmark and highlights the unique ability of Applus+ to operate at both national and local level.

    The tournament gives local team leaders, inspectors and management the opportunity to meet clients face-to-face. This approach strengthens Applus+ relationships with its clients, making it less vulnerable to potential poaching from competitors.   

    The Go-kart Cup is solely for Applus+ clients. To date, it has taken place in seven cities and has been a sold-out success each time.  

    Applus+ demonstrates its commitment as a business partner to its clients by spending time with them both within and outside the work environment. Events like this provide opportunities to enjoy the lighter side of the car industry together.

    This type of initiative increases clients’ satisfaction and reinforces their loyalty, as well as differentiating Applus+ from its competitors in the marketplace.

    For more information, please contact Francisco Calderón fcalderon@kreab.com Tel.:+34654642160