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Applus+ Automotive offers a range of automotive services to clients around the world, providing rapid response times and tailor-made vehicle-inspection solutions based on the client's requirements.

Conducting over 17 million inspections on an annual basis across Europe, North America and South America, Applus+ is committed to providing governments, manufacturers and traders with the best road-safety solutions.

Applus+ is a significant partner of the international automotive industry and provides European Whole Vehicle Type Approval, engineering and testing services, passive and active safety, reliability, Electronics and type-approval services. Applus+ is an active member of the CITA organisation with representation at board and committee levels. In the statutory automotive-inspection sector, Applus+ has demonstrable software design and build expertise that supports transitioning decentralised, centralised, and hybrid inspection programmes across the world. We have successfully delivered comprehensive inspection programmes for clients including:

  • Road Safety Authority, Ireland
  • Ministry of Transport, Denmark
  • Ministry of Transport, Finland
  • Spain
  • State of Utah, USA
  • State of Washington, USA
  • State of Illinois, USA

Our professional technology teams design, develop and implement solutions that integrate technical expertise, hardware, software, infrastructure, training and ongoing support. We have designed, developed, tested and deployed the custom web-based Applus+ ‘Dashboard’ to provide our clients with centralised management tool for real-time reporting and administration.


Applus+ Iteuve launches mobile app with new geolocation and road-safety features

New app allows a user to make PTI appointments, locate parked vehicles and share trips in real time, among other functionalities

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Success Stories

Applus vehicle inspectionSweden
Applus Bilsyn Denmark

Applus+ Denmark conduct statutory vehicle inspections on behalf of the Danish Road Safety Organization

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