Salt Lake & Weber County Utah vehicle-emissions testing programmes

    Applus+ is currently the management contractor for the Salt Lake and Weber County vehicle-emissions testing programmes. In these programs, Applus+ successfully designed, developed, implemented, and transitioned the decentralised programs from the existing contractor’s system to an all-new Applus+ programme network.

    In these programs, Applus successfully designed, developed, implemented, and transitioned the decentralized programs from the existing contractor’s system to an all-new Applus program network.

    Applus conducted seminars to recruit facilities to participate in the enhanced I/M programs. Training was provided for more than 1,400 Salt Lake County emissions inspectors, all inspectors were certified in less than 30 days. In Weber County over nearly 400 inspectors were trained. Currently the Salt Lake County program supports emissions testing for more than 650,000 vehicles annually by providing over 400 vehicle inspection stations with workstations for performing OBDII, Two-Speed Idle, and Gas Cap testing. In Weber County there are more than 300,000 OBDII and Two-Speed Idle tests performed in 110 inspection stations annually.

    The Applus-provided integrated technology solutions protect the integrity of the counties’ inspection process while streamlining administrative, oversight, and data management activities. From station equipment and inspector status to network volume and pass/fail counts, the Applus I/M dashboard applies role-based permissions to provide authorized personnel with 24/7 access to the information they need to fully monitor and manage a modern I/M program. The new, state-of-the-art mirrored vehicle information database -- the Applus e-VID™ -- with disaster recovery protection provides:

     Advanced OBD fraud checks to automatically compare current OBD data with: previous test data on the same vehicle, the known vehicle fingerprint, the previous test run in the same bay, and the VIN entered manually by the inspector (when an OBD-generated VIN is available)

     Real-time test record updates and a web-based custom administrative and reporting suite

    A proprietary web portal – the Applus I/M Dashboard - provides easy, browser-based access to e-VID™ data, and allows authorized users to perform administrative functions and generate filtered reports using familiar interfaces like pull-down menus, checkboxes, and radio buttons. A user-customized home page places frequently accessed data within one-click reach of the County customers.

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